The merger of Kolektor Sinabit and Kolektor Synatec


The field of energy and industrial technology in Kolektor is growing more and more important. In the following years, we are planning to extend our scope of operation in this segment and provide new solutions and products to our partners. Within the scope of actions required for realization of our goals, we have decided to consolidate the activities of the companies KOLEKTOR SINABIT d.o.o. and KOLEKTOR SYNATEC d.o.o within one company. Said companies have operated in the field of energy and industrial technology, with their activities complementing each other significantly.

In the past months, we have taken all the necessary actions for the District Court of Nova Gorica to enter the merger of Sinabit and Synatec in the register of companies on 29th of November 2014.  The merger of said companies will provide additional safety for business partners - by becoming a larger company with more capital, we ensure additional stability and enhance your confidence in our complete fulfillment of our obligations on a regular basis in the future as well.
Upon entering the merger in the register of companies, we changed the company's name from KOLEKTOR SYNATEC d.o.o. to KOLEKTOR SISTEH d.o.o., the company's headquarters is transferred to Ljubljana with changed business address too. At the same time, two business units of KOLEKTOR SISTEH d.o.o. were registered in Idrija and Maribor. Business unit of the company in Idrija will proceed with the activities carried out by the company Kolektor Synatec at the location in Idrija before the merger, while the business unit of the company in Maribor will proceed with the activities carried out by the company Kolektor Synatec and its office in Maribor before the merger.
By entering the change of company's name and headquarters in the register of companies on 12th of November 2014, the data of KOLEKTOR SISTEH are to be used for all business events (deliveries, services and other business relations):

Full name of the company:     KOLEKTOR SISTEH Sistemi in tehnologije d.o.o.
Abbreviated name of the company: KOLEKTOR SISTEH d.o.o.
Headquarters: Ljubljana
Business address: Šlandrova ulica 10, SI-1231 Ljubljana - Črnuče, Slovenia
Registration number: 5536529000
ID for VAT:          SI73308099
Account numbers:

04752-0000150206 pri Nova KBM d.d. Maribor

02244-0255080943 pri Novi LB d.d.

30000-0001029885 pri Sberbank d.d.

Directors:  Stojan Kokošar, Jernej Hrovat, Branko Bolko

We would like to inform you that we changed the e-mail address. Please, e-mail us to tjtufiAlpmflups/dpn. All information related to the new company are available at


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