Maintenance is IN.....vestment!


Under this slogan, a week ago, for the 24th time, maintenance experts have come together in Otočec for the traditional conference maintenance 2014. One of the sponsors was also Kolektor Synatec. Representatives of the company presented their solution for measuring of power consumption - KEM1.

Organizers of the event believe maintenance is an investment into sustained development, into progress in all segments of work. Therefore the common thread running through the entire meeting were the questions of whether and to what extend the companies invest into maintenance, whether companies invest into additional training and educating of maintenance personnel, whether they monitor investments and their effectiveness in the field of maintenance, and how and to what extend non-effective investment into maintenance influences the price, the quality and the safety of a product.

Kolektor Synatec presented numerous visitors of the event with their newest product, KEM1 – Kolektor energy measurements. Measuring of power is a component part of state-of-art distributors for el. Energy or systems for effective consumption of energy. Kolektor Synatec representatives claim that this is required under various standards. There is hardly a pretentious control panel or device without the feature for measuring of power. For this purpose, various methods of measuring are applied. Kolektor Synatec based its product on the TrendPoint measuring equipment and complemented it with its proper solution (HMI interface) for a modern and user-friendly application.

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