»Driving the knowledge« is the first international prize competition of the Kolektor group


This year for the first time, international and worldwide renowned group Kolektor from Idrija, within the frame of celebration of its jubilee 50th anniversary of operation (official establishment January 13, 1963) and as the “generator of ideas and innovations”, organizes an international prize competition for the university graduates all over the world. Main purpose of the competition is promoting of research activities of students and upgrading of their final theses or innovative solutions, respectively, from the field of vehicles of the future, self-sufficient buildings of the future and energy supply of the future. “Driving the knowledge” aligns with the Kolektor vision for generating know-how and engaging of young people in the search for solutions of the future.

»For years now Kolektor group have been promoting innovativeness by means of goal-oriented investments. We are well aware that each fresh idea may build fruitful grounds for progress. Realization of key ideas enables Kolektor to be one large step ahead of our competition and, as a natural consequence upon having reached such an important turning point in our half a century long path, we decided to organize said international competition – “Driving the knowledge for university graduates of technical studies all over the world”, explained Mr Stojan Petrič, Kolektor group Chairman.

The competition “Driving the knowledge” is the first international competition organized by Kolektor, and is open for university graduates who have already fulfilled their obligations for acquisition of their level 7 grades to apply with their final theses. The competition mainly addresses students from Bosnia and H., Germany, Korea and Slovenia i.e. markets where numerous Kolektor companies have been operating successfully. Notwithstanding, the competition is open also for all other university graduates meeting the competition terms and conditions.

Students and graduates can, via competition web site, from January 13, 2013, onward, apply with their final thesis (or themes, respectively). More about the competition at: www.poganjajmoznanje.com resp. www.drivingtheknowledge.com.

Submitted applications and theses shall be reviewed and assessed by an international academic and expert committee with its chairman Mr Radovan Bolko, Kolektor group CEO. The committee shall award total of 3 best applications (one in each of the competition categories). Beside cash award to the level of eur 1000 respectively eur 1500 (the first prize), the awardees shall be presented acknowledgements for their participation and achievement serving as a reference in their further search for employment. Kolektor shall also cover the expense for visit to Slovenia where in month December the official presentation of awards shall take place.  

This international competition is not the first type of cooperation between the Kolektor group and young experts. Granting of scholarships, international excursions, seminars, visits to production…to name only a few, are ways thru which Kolektor invests, on regular basis, into new young experts as well as into further development of its existing employees.

Throughout last 50 years, Kolektor with its seat in Idrija has become a renowned and successful international group well aware of the importance of investment into knowledge and into development, into fresh ideas and young, potential experts. It builds an environment stimulating creativity and development of innovative ideas. It successfully realizes ideas and applies them in key segments of its operation thus upgrades solutions for its customers. At the same time, Kolektor actively implements its most advanced solutions in the branch.

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For more info please contact Ms Polonca Pagon, competition executive, Via Email polonca.pagon@kolektor.com or per telephone (05) 3750 100.

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Kolektor group boasts tradition in highly specialized industrial production. On its path of half a century Kolektor evolved into a global company with its seat in Slovenia and a wide spread net of companies and subsidiaries in Europe, in the USA and in Asia. Strategic position of the company`s headquarters in the heart of Europe, and global marketing and production presence on all important world markets, ensure effective managing of market demand and optimal business solutions. Developmentally and technologically advanced processes speak of our efforts to fulfill customer demands by providing prompt and responsible solutions.On strategic markets, Kolektor group connects almost 30 companies and a total of over 3,000 employees.  

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