Successful jubilee year for Kolektor Synatec


In 2012, Kolektor Synatec celebrated its 20th anniversary of operation. According to its Directors, Mr. Stojan Kokošar and Mr. Branko Bolko, the jubilee year was a very successful one. In alignment with guidelines of the Kolektor group, and in cooperation with some other group`s companies, Synatec defined the strategy for development, realized several larger projects, and renewed the façade of its office and production building.

Among said larger projects to be pointed out there was integration of their equipment and solutions into important infrastructure objects such as air traffic control, NEK, and Krka. Together with Kolektor Sinabit established five years ago, they search for new solutions for sales opportunities on the European markets. In 2012, their sales net was expanded to the Czech Republic and to Slovakia, and anticipate to “win over” Austria in 2013, as well.

Said strategy of development of Kolektor Synatec in the sector of energy and industrial technology is expected to ensure accelerated growth in the upcoming years: “In terms of development of products and solutions under its proper trademark, Kolektor Synatec is in the fast lane. On the one side, these products and solutions focus on industrial automation, and on the other, they address the field of power engineering”, explains Mr. Stojan Kokošar. In the area of power engineering Kolektor Synatec works together with Kolektor Sinabit and Kolektor Etra.

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