Smart Grids – Possible Solution for our Way out of Crisis


Technological platform for smart grids organized a conference featuring and focused on the start-up of a national demonstration project of smart grids. Actively engaged on the conference were two Kolektor group representatives, Mr. Marjan Drmota, Chief Executive Development, and Mr. Stojan Kokošar, Director of Kolektor Synatec and proxy for Kolektor Sinabit.

»Demonstration and pilot projects make good basis for marketing of new products and solutions and for searching for new opportunities on the market. Within the Kolektor group we realized soon enough that there are major changes due in the power engineering field; new opportunities for market entries with new services and products arise. Clearly, also other parties, such as Japanese companies, have sensed it, and though so far they have not been strong players in this field in Europe, they are trying to make the best of it, explained  Mr. Kokošar and highlighted the importance of smart grids, while Mr. Drmota urged: “We must win some demonstration projects as soon as possible, and said projects are to be set to the objective of enabling entry of all partners from the Slovene industry as well as access for the foreign partners, such as the Japanese agency  NEDO.« Drmota believes that Slovene economy is to look beyond borders of its domestic market which, by all means, can well serve as a polygon for verification and initial reference. »Partial projects in the field of smart grids are solid elements for integral solutions.«

Said start-up of a demonstration project of smart grids is also one of the items stated in the signed agreement regarding cooperation between the TIA (Slovenian Technology Agency) and the NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization). The agreement is about cooperation in the field of advanced industrial technologies integrated in the concept of building of smart communities. The first step in starting-up of the demonstration project of smart grids has been taken; now the time will tell when the start-up will actually take place. According to Prof. Igor Papič, Chairman of the Platform, the project will take place in some regional area – may it be a city, the countryside, different locations, it is, however, important that these locations are inter-connected in sense of information flow in order to build an entity. The first activities – advanced measuring or implementing of smart counters - are in progress as we speak. In mr. Papič`s opinion, main content of the demonstration project shall be active drain of electric power.

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