May your future be Blue


May also your future be blue – called up the slogan of the BlueFuture event organized in the Congress Centre Brdo near Kranj by two groups, Kolektor and KSB. Their goal was to represent to the interested public the advanced technological solutions in the field of municipal infrastructure and energy to be offered on the Slovene market as well as in the countries of the Southeast Europe.

Improving the quality of living and healthy living environment is among top priorities of the inhabitants in Europe as well as elsewhere in the world. To support this aim, investments into the municipal infrastructure and energy including ever more complex and pretentious technologies have become larger. Said technologies by all means include pumping and hydraulic systems within hot-water and water systems and systems for treating of wastewaters. Besides reliable operation, state-of-art pumps and technologies applied in this field also enable cost benefit and efficient use of energy, however still represent key cost item of the electric energy consumption in the municipal infrastructure and in the field of energy. Searching for best, user-friendly solutions was the main thread of the cooperation project between the two globally established groups, the Slovene Kolektor and the German KSB.

Cooperation was founded on several years of mutual experience from the field of implementation of the automation systems in the municipal infrastructure. The represented solutions are based on Kolektor group products specially purposed for controlling and web monitoring of pumps, and KSB products featuring highly efficient pumps, new generation of highly-efficient motors and electronic modules for monitoring and diagnostics of pumps. One of the highlights presented was a KSB group product intended for the market of hot water distribution, a complete novelty on this market contributing greatly to efficiency of the entire system. “Just a year ago the joint BlueFuture project was first outlined, a means of providing advanced technological solutions on the market of the Southeast Europe”, explained Mr. Stojan Kokošar, Kolektor Synatec Director and Kolektor Sinabit Proxy, to the attending representatives of Slovene municipalities, municipal companies and other guests, and added that “with said solutions  we aim for a certain technological breakthrough in the direction of efficient energy consumption in this part of Europe”.

Successful cooperation of Kolektor from Idrija and the German KSB was also praised by Mrs. Gertrud Rantzen, Chairwoman of the board of the German-Slovenian Chamber of Industry and Commerce.  According to her, the BlueFuture event once more confirms a very good cooperation between Slovenia and Germany, for the latter is most important Slovenian economic partner – over 20 percent of the total Slovenian export and import is realized with Germany. German companies are very much successful in our country, and same goes for the Slovene companies in Germany. Mrs. Rantzen pointed out Kolektor as an example of a Slovenian company with very successful operation in Germany.  

Domestic and foreign experts depicting modular solutions for preparation and distribution Dof hot water, integral solutions for water lines and pump stations in sewage systems agreed that there are many possibilities of implementing energy efficiency. Prof. PhD. Brane Širok, Chair of Power Engineering of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering notices that pumps tend to be installed in all the wrong places therefore cannot operate to their optimal capacity, thus explains “System optimization could result in great savings”. Mr. Marjan Silovic, Managing Director at KSB Slovenia adds that “Implementation of new technologies is inevitable, for we consume too much energy as its cost is on a steep rise”.    

The event was rounded up with a revision of possible financing schemes for energy-saving pump stations. According to Mrs. Tina Žejn of the UniCredit Bank, the most suitable would be the project financing with the bank evaluating probability of future money flows – precondition for approval of credit.

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