Development of special products

With our state-of-art knowledge and experience of our professional staff and the application of various technologies we design and realize integral and modern technological solutions.

Transformer Monitoring System - SinaproNSET

  • Monitoring of parameters and statuses of power transformers in real time;
  • Connection of sensors into the supervision system with purpose of acquiring data for further analytical processing and calculation of operating parameters;
  • Connecting into supervision systems of energy systems (substation automation, RTU);
  • Monitoring of key parameters: detection of failures in initial phases, forecasts;
  • Tracing of the status of a transformer throughout its lifetime and planning of required maintenance services or exchange of equipment;
  • Precise analysis of failure causes.

Transformer Monitoring System  Transformer Monioring Trends

Smart Grids and Energy Storage Batteries

Let`s make your grid smart together - we offer modern solutions used for smart grid deployments.

  • Consulting
  • Design
  • Commissioning
  • Voltage regulation systems
  • Remote operation control of the distribution substations 

Smart Grid

Automation and remote operation control of the distribution substations

By implementing of smart RTU unit into distribution substations system can provide a complete automation and control of distribution substations. This allows us to capture various operating parameters of distribution substations and their aggregation for analysis.

  • Monitoring and control of medium-voltage switchgear;
  • Monitoring and control of low-voltage switchgear, making it possible to monitor a wider range of data from a single circuit breaker (load, diagnostics, security parameters ..);
  • Local operation via built-in operator panel;
  • Remote operation from the distribution control center with standard
    communication protocols (IEC 60870-5-104, IEC61850, ..);
  • RTU unit also provides web access to graphical visualization and display

Distribution substations