LV verified xEnergy switchboards

Progressive switchboards

For application in transformer stations and elec. energy branches we provide progressive switchboards comprising of verified xEnergy switchboards frames of the manufacturer EATON designed to enable efficient configurations of the system to meet your specific requirements – from an idea to realization. The system's modular design allows for a wide range of usefull combinations saving you time, money and space. The product family combines switching and protective devices, mounting systems and framework elements ensuring fast and effective installations and subsequent upgrading of the switchboard. Switchboards of this type are ideal for upgrading of energy supply systems applied in transformer stations and of NN elec. energy branches.

The system of switchboards is based on verified switchgear assemblies manufactured in accordance with IEC/EN 61439 standards. These standards define division of switchboards into functional units of internal separation form up to 4b and adjust to various national and field requirements, such as the DIN VDE, CEI, NF, UNE or SIST. This means that custom-made solutions can be planned and applied in numerous countries.

The system boasts a wide range of reliable, economical solutions for distribution of energy, all of them perfectly meeting requirements of our customers. The type and features of incoming supplies and outlets depend on each individual customer. For incoming supplies and couplings switches up to 5000A can be applied, and for outlets fix or extendable switches up to 1600A and power out-goers with circuit breakers and fuse switch dis-connectors up to 630A, built in horizontally or vertically.

A transformer inlet is usually realized above by a cable connection from the top while also a factory made and type-tested busbar trunking system (complying with the SIST EN 60439-1 and -2 standards) can be built in. Outlets are realized from the bottom. For remote control, monitoring, measuring and signalling, inlets and outlets can be fitted with motor drives, communication modules Profibus DP or CAN open, with analysers of elec. energy or other measuring instruments.

Basic technical data – Xenergy switchboards


SIST EN: 61439-1,   -2, 62208 and 60529


Verification by   means of testing in a test laboratory

Separation into functional areas

From form 1 to form 4b

Nominal voltage

690 V / 50-60 Hz

Nominal current

Up to 5000 A

Short circuit strength  

do ICW=   100 kA, Idyn=220 kA

Ambient temperature

35 ˚C (24h average)

Mechanical protection level

IP 31 or IP 55

Installation system

TN-C / TN-C-S / TN-S   / IT


RAL 7035 (more colours upon request)


height       2000 mm (without base)

width        425 / 600 / 800 / 1000 / 1200 mm

depth        400 / 600 / 800 /1000 mm


height: 100 in 200 mm

Xenergy switchboards

Monitoring and control

As an option, switchboards can be fitted with a monitoring and control system. This system is to be foreseen in the planning phase and it is implemented at realization.

In this case, a switchboard is fitted with communication gear for switchboards enabling transfer and processing of data regarding electrical sizes in any individual branch, such as: load current, pre-load signalization, circuit breaker failure cause, circuit breaker remote control, etc.

Analysis of the collected data ensures timely intervention and prevention of failures die to errors or overload and detection of system failures with purpose of reducing the number of failures and increasing of efficiency of the production process.