Automation solutions for machinery and devices

The need to satisfy diverse customers, ever increasing pressure from competition, higher customers' expectations, the need to launch new products quickly and efficiently and requirements for higher quality of products are merely some of the challenges that production companies face with. Therefore, production processes and also products offered to the customers must be ever more flexible.

  • When standard products and devices do not meet your expectations
  • When functionality of a standard range of products is not appropriate
  • When high producer's adaptability to the customer is required
  • When high cost efficiency is required.

Standard range of various products (controllers, panels, industrial computers etc.) in the market is very wide and diverse. None the less, several production companies (e.g. machine constructors) daily face with the problem of choosing the right (optimal) equipment for a specific product (machine). Standard range of products enables limitless possibilities that are not always optimal as well (thus »composed« equipment is usually functionally inappropriate or it may offer much more than that specific machine actually requires, not to mention higher costs related to that). An important factor is also adaptability of the standard equipment suppliers which is usually minimal with the rule "take what you are offered" applying here.

What has Kolektor Synatec to offer?

  • Adaptability to customers' requirements.
  • High cost efficiency.
  • We follow world trends and individual customers' requirements.
  • Cooperation with the Kolektor group companies, sister company Synatec GmbH Germany and other partners of Kolektor Synatec.
  • We are OEM partner with worldwide known companies Eaton and Advantech, and Slovene company Robotina.

Our solutions/custom-designed electronic components

  • Communication interfaces,
  • Integrated and independent Input-output units
  • Controllers
  • Industrial computers
  • Industrial monitors
  • Various electronic modules upon customer's request