Technological engineering

Requirements for the supervision of waste and water and achieving of higher quality of living environment call for the use of modern technologies. This is why Kolektor Sisteh, together with its partners, offers technologically advanced and energy efficient solutions for various fields of waste & water management.

Water preparation and purification systems

The water that is supplied by public companies (or private sources) can never be cleaner then the polluted environment we are living in. We can recycle the water with preliminary filtration or ultra-filtration, ion exchange and reverse osmosis, depending on economical justification and ecological reasons.

Projects for preparation and purification of the water are based on up-to-date concepts implementing the latest technological findings. They are energetically optimal, reliable and user friendly.  All processes are monitored at the central control of the factory or on the Ethernet, so all important information can be reached from anywhere. More information on water and air technology solutions...

Sludge drying systems

With our sludge drying solution we offer unique procedures for reducing the volume of  sewage sludge waste/ substances from a separator/ co-products and producing waste heat/ substitute fuel/ valuable organic drying parts and organic fertilizer.

Your advantages – economical, ecological, reusable with integrated operational safety.