Technological engineering

Together with our experienced partners we offer the latest water treatment technology and technologically advanced solutions for storage and transport of oil, gas and chemicals.

Water preparation and purification systems for industry

For various industrial sectors (pharmacy, chemistry, food-processing, automobile, metallurgy, paper, energy …), water represents a major strategic resource. Quality process water has a decisive influence on final product quality and preservation. We deliver latest water treatment technology with minimal environmental impact. We can recycle the water with preliminary filtration or ultra-filtration, ion exchange and and membrane technology  - reverse osmosis, depending on economical justification and ecological reasons.

We offer various products and services in all of the following categories :

  • Solutions for pharmacy
  • Solutions for food-processing industry
  • Solutions for processing industry

More information on water and air preparation and purification systems...

Oil and gas storage facilities

Good knowledge of storage technology, flexible production control with Manufacturing Execution System (SinaproMES), integrating automatic data acquisition with other business processes are our core competences that enable us to face successfully with the development challenges in the management of oil and gas storage facilities. We provide services in the following areas:

  • Designing, engineering and implementation of technological systems and subsystems for oil and gas facilities (storage, transport,…)
  • Advanced solutions for storage and transport of oil, LPG and chemical products
  • Storage facility for oil, gas and chemicals (SinaproSIS)
  • Automatic dosing and pumping systems