Manufacturing execution systems

Our advanced solutions for factory digitalization are the right way to lean and highly efficient production. A wide variety of products have been developed and used to support requirements for addressing the challenges of Smart Factory (Industry 4.0).

Smart MES/MOM system (SinaproMES)

  • Real‑time data acquisition from all the factory resources (i.e. assets, machines, workers and objects)
  • A system that enables the real-time monitoring and optimisation of production operations
  • A constant optimisation of quality and resource usage
  • Efficient energy monitoring and energy management
  • Sustainable manufacturing through synchronisation with shop floor automation and supply chain management systems
  • Detecting, measuring and monitoring the variables, events and situations which affect the performance, energy use and reliability of the production at factory level
  • Flexible and automatic analyses and reports (overview of KPIs)

System for cloud machine data analyzing (SinaproMDE IoT)

  • Real‑time acquisition, monitoring and evaluation of machine data in cloud software
  • Providing gapless recording of machine data, which helps to identify optimization potentials
  • Visual presentation in real ime or history data.
  • Collecting signals from moulding machine, depending on machine type
  • Automatically sends predefined alerts/ alarms via e-mail
  • Used to transfer machine data to the cloud for analysis to detect machine faults and optimize performance